Micomfort brand with capital "M"

Micomfort brand with capital "M"
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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Do you really like African food?...Name this Recipe.

This is one of the African Food Recipes.  It is originated from one of the deep secret of  Garnishing Meals. ..........The food is great when served Hot .

More clues.
It really works well for Beer Lover.

More clues
Can be served as appetizer ....

This meal is made from  Grilled Goat Meat .

This recipe is used to Garnished a grilled Goat meat and cooked together for some minutes
You need to taste  ASUN.  
Asun is the Yoruba name for a Grilled Goat Meat garnished with Scent Leaf, Grated Red Pepper  , Garlic, Thyme,  Dried small fish .

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