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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Osun Osogbo Festival : The African untapped Tourism and cultural Resources



BY Celestine Olusegun Oni.

The myth of the believed seven days raining, the Goddess coming out of water (living -Spring) to bring blessing and abundance to the land. The UNESCO world recognised Festival is here again. ( Ore Yeye o.. ). Osun-Osogbo festival is one of the most recognized African festivals that attract over 1 million tourists across the globe. It is one of the major Nigeria cultural asset that attracts world attention. It is time to put on your white regalia and experience the rich culture of the Yoruba Heritage in the south western part of Nigeria. Truly the festival is an African Tourist Asset.

Osun Osogbo groove is one of the few protected eco tourism site and it can be dated back to over 800 years ago when the first osogbo indigene settled down through the royal effort of the first king of osogbo called Larooye. It was recalled that the demolition of trees for house construction by the settler make them to understand that there is a river goddess in the spring who has a lot of pot for making dye. And most of the fallen tree demolish the pot and make the goddess to shout out and caution them. So since then. They adhere to the warning and have been living comfortably until the new Prognosis town emerge through the reign of many kings who can be traced back to the root of the Oduduwa.

A German Explorer who believe so much on the hidden treasure of the untapped African potential was able to locate the groove in 1953 and discover a lot of blessing from this groove which is either for healing purpose and for Tourism appreciation and that is why most visitors to Osun osogbo festival are said to be a believer of the healing living spring in the groove or to appreciate the work of nature and human artistic creativity that help to protect the groove till today. Susanne Wenger the German explorer help to protect the groove and also beautify it with different artwork that represents the gods and the olden activities in the groove.

Her efforts help to attract the international attention and direct the UNESCO team to the groove in 2005. This world heritage site has attracted alot of international tourist from every works of life. And also help to boost the economy of the country through foreign exchange and also in the Osogbo city in particular.

Africa need to be awake on some vital contemporary issues. It is really a big taboo to neglect culture. The only man's identity is culture. It is a serious issue that invite international question on " How Africans can solve inferiority " we have various history and background which I believe it is things worth celebrated. Even if we can worship it. It doesn't mean we can not appreciate it. It is so painful that I had forgot to continue with my discussion on how we can be part of this coming Osun-Osogbo festival this summer in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

Osun-Osogbo Shrine located in the heart of the capital city of Osun State, is one of the protected relics of the olden generation, that harbour the Goddess of Water, who always come out every once in a year to bless those who are looking for the fruit of the womb and also heals many infamity in the land. In blessed memory of " SUSAN WENGER" "Adunni Olorisa". A German female Tourist and Researcher who explore the shores of the African green ecology help to promote the shrine into an international standard. UNESCO endorsement inspire many other African heritage. And also brings this August festival into limelight.


Be part of the history as you participate in this coming festival. International tourist arrive seven days into the events which will be officially announced by the Monarch of the Osogbo land. All what you need to do is to book your flight ahead in other to avoid last minute tourist rush to Nigeria this summer. local and day visitor ensure they did not miss the Grand Finale of the festival where A Virgin lady carry a sacrifice from the Kong's Palace to the shrine. It is endurance movement that is full of side attraction as various organisation come to support and display there potentials. Local sourvernirs and art work will keep your bag full back to your destination. ( just remember the responsible spending towards responsible Tourism) #buynaija #buylocal #Nigeriaoutdoors

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