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Check out an important Breakfast you are missing

On the 5th of September, 2016. A report was issued out that Nigerian is the third country in the world that is impoverished and malnourished. This report is an eye opener to the government at the federal, state and local level to provide more incentives to help raise the standardyof living of the citizens.

But something is very much important than this report among Nigerians and which is the general or public altitude to Health and Nutrition. In most developed countries of the world, one of the thing that classify this nation is the right altitude toward food.

I had the priviledge to check out a school meal of one of the public school in Canada, and I realised that all the recipe used in making this meal are imported from Africa. Which means that. We are suffering in abundance. Back to the issue at hand, the food intake  have a lot to do about human health and wellness.  A balance diet is the key to proper growth and body development.

Now, let's check out this important and easy- to -made breakfast that can give you a good start for the day. And importantly for the children.


This meal is very easy to prepare at a low cost with little time lesser than preparing instant noodles or Staple food all the time.

Pancake is a perfect way to star your day and most especially when you can try to garnish it with fruits, vegetables or meat or fish. Pancake can be served without the garnish mention earlier. Some may decide to just add Jam to taste.


Baking powder
Melted Butter
Oil spray to fry

If you look at the above Recipe. It is definitely a complete diet.


Mix the Flour, baking powder, sugar and salt in a separate Bowl.
Mix the egg and melted butter and milk.
Pour the egg content into the flour mixture and stir well without lumps
The mixture should come in a paste or add more milk to make it less pasty
Spray your Frying Pan oil without any Oil remaining and pour a right proportion of paste and allow the first side to fry for 3mins and change to the side to fry for 2mins.

Enjoy your hot Pancake and remember to send my own.😜

Leave comment and also ask question  on how to use the right  measurement  of the recipe.

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