Micomfort brand with capital "M"

Micomfort brand with capital "M"
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World Tourism Day

Every September 27 has been set aside by the United Nation World Tourism Organisation  to mark the world Tourism Day  across the globe.

Tourism is a voluntary movement of a person or a group of people from their permanent place of residing to a temporary destination for a purpose of leisure and relaxation. The travel will ensure that there is no remuneration activity involve and also the stay should not be more than a year. This basic illustration of Tourism will go a long way to sensitize the public about the definition and the scope that make tourism a reality.

Tourism is life. It involve different dimension of human activity. But the most important thing is to ensure that it is strictly for leisure purpose.

Nigeria Tourism has suffered a major and drastic setback since the past decade as government did not take any effective measures to promote Tourism and other related incentives that support tourism growth. Nigeria is blessed with different attraction that can attract Tourist to the most populous black nation. Tourism can replace oil to be the first  source of income and provide a lot of job opportunity and careers for Nigerians.

Watch out for more details about World Tourism Day celebration in the world.

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