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3 things you need to know about choosing a wedding colour .

Colours colours colours colours 

 A client called the office to make preparations for a wedding and decided to give us thinking for her money. "yellow, Red, and purple " wow!.  That must have been her favourite and we must consider the client choice first and deliver what they want.

But in most case. Expert are also in position to educate the clients on colour coding and arrangement. In most cases we have seen the situation where we are able to convince our clients on the choice of colour most especially when they ate not 100% sure of what they want when it comes to favourite colour for their big day. It doesn't matter sometimes to go against the rule. Once you are a type who believe in your favourite more than the rules.

As at the end of 2006, 75% of wedding colour are always unique in some ways and it trend for a very long time. Example is using a purple and lilac or royal blue and powder blue or leaf green and lemon etc. But presently today, it doesn't matter due to the high taste of the client in choosing and ensuring that their favourite colour featured regardless if it is unique or riot.

This post can help you to know 3 basic
E things about the color you are going to see around you on that lovely wedding day.  It is a special day and you can afford to settle for less while you have the option to choose the best.

1.  HAVE A FAVOURITE : one of the first thing can reduce your stress  on the choosing is to stick to your favourite colour. It is your day, so go for that your colour. You can't  do without. ( watch out for our post on how to choose a favourite colour and the meaning)
2. COLOUR AVAILABILITY : sometimes couples reduces cost by going for available colour from the vendors and build charisma around it.  That mostly happen when you allow your vendor to give you a colour when you don't really have one in mind or when the colour is too obvious to combine together.

3.  THE VENUE.: Regardless of your favourite colour or not. The location or venue of your wedding speaks a lot about the choice of colour.  Cool colour always enhance the indoor events mildness while a brighter colour do help to spark up your outdoor or field events . This option is the last because it doesn't work with the couples who already have a favourite or only going for a recommended colour from the vendor.

TIPS: sometimes most individual don't believe in the religion of favourite colour.  But will always advice our clients to have one. Most times dating time is the perfect time to know about your partner's favourite colour and also choose one if you don't have.

Do you still have a problem choosing a favourite colour for yourself or for the wedding day?  Don't worry.  We can help you.

Email your opinion to micomforthelpdesk@gmail.com
Or call 08096944645. 07035558461.08119930000 ( 9am-6pm)

Now let us know about your favourite colour and why?

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