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The Nigerian Traditional Wedding; A tool for rich cultural display

The Nigerian Traditional wedding; A tools for rich cultural display.

Culture is the way of life. No man without an identity, kept, lost and recovered. It can go into extinction if not properly managed and nurture. One of the major tool for cultural orientation in Nigeria today is the celebration of love between two couples who always try as much to observe the root of traditional vows and rite.

According to a recent research conducted among the Events Planner in Nigeria which was chaired by the Decor Master himself. Celestine Oni. The Co Founder of Nigerian Young Professional Events Planners (NYPEP). It is observed that 80% of the "about to wed couples " want to do the traditional wedding and 95% of them want it to be done before the modern religion vows. 62% want the traditional wedding to be done on a separate day before the modern religion vows. 90% of the Christian want the traditional wedding to be done before the church wedding while 45% of the Muslim want any sort of traditional wedding activities to be postpone till after the religious cleric finish the Nikkah vows and ministrations.

Another important facts from the research is based on the motive of what inspire this write up for cultural re orientation and re awakening . Which is based on the adoption of cutural artifacts and attires. Which is the first attraction of what explain the real tradition in this civilised age.

61% of the named framework couples want a local artifacts for the wedding Decor while the 30% did not want it. 70% of the couples who don't like it are based on modern religious reasons while the remaining 21% don't just have a basic reason to justify why they don't want it. 9% remaining don't just like the way it looks to them.

The above analysis will help us to understand better why it is good to have a good decorator for your traditional wedding because only few really don't know what they want in the present age of globalisation. Traditional wedding has been a great tools to remind us of the rich cultural values we are endowed with in Nigeria and Africa at large The dance steps, foods, songs, the local musical instrument, the pedigree, Fashions and style the ancestors praise, local artifacts, the creative Decorations and concepts are all part of what makes the local wedding to be ever trending among the elites in recent years. . The rich glamour of the cultural values can't be overlooked when it comes to the pride that accompany a rich cultural display of many tribes in Nigeria and most especially at the matrimony vows and celebration of love.

Events Decorator have alot to-do on your traditional wedding day and that is why you need to locate a Decorator with Culture and Tourism Background. The spices will definitely speaks culture.

Micomfort Events is an epitome of professionailty, passion and possibility. It is a situation when Talent meets Profession. The Culture and Tourism Background and exposure help us to deliver a classic job for our clients. It doesn't matter the tribe you belong to. We will be there to remind you of how rich your culture is.

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