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Micomfort brand with capital "M"
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Tips for your Wedding Dance.

Yes or No, Wedding dance may be a competition to you or not. Depending on how best you can describe dance personally. Most especially the wedding Dance is a form of wedding tradition where the couples are expected to display their dancing skills to the invited guest.

Micomfort Events takes a closer looks to this extraordinary activity that makes the couples shed more sweats than running a marathon.  Depending on the style of music the couples like to dance to, the most important of all is classic and Creative display the couples are ready to showcase on that lovely day.

To either the Bride or the groom,  it is the day of joy, it is their day. Best dancing couples are ready to entertain you even before the delicious wedding meal is served. (Micomfort like wedding fried Turkey served with Fried Rice and coleslaw..... Oooohhh laalaa!) . But best dancing couple can make me to stand up and dance too.

This tips can help you to spice up your wedding Dance and entertain your guest.

1. Wedding dance may be a competition or not depending on the couples understanding, couples may decide to take it slow or compete. All to entertain guest and feel grateful  for the celebration of love.
2. Couples can rehearse a favourite wedding Dance step prior to the wedding day, they may also decide to practice with friends and the bridal crew.
3.Couples can even decide to hire a dance instructor all in order to entertain the guest and also feel loved.
4.it is very important to dictate the type of tune you want for your wedding Dance or allow the DJ or The Musical Band to freestyle
5.couples can decide to hire a professional dance group to join them until dance all to entertain the guests
6.it is advisable to know your limit and avoid getting exhausted on your wedding day. That is why it is also advisable to practice in advance if you are not a dancing type.
7. Never abandon dance after the wedding day.

More tips for a successful wedding Dance

This is twenty-first century, every guest is now a stand up photographer , so it is advisable for the  crowd control arrangement to be intact.

Micomfort Events Crew are ready to ushers the bride undisturbed to that love nest. We wish you happy married life in advance.

We love you!!!

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